​​CHicklet TV
A Show by Kids for Kids
The Chicklets are local children that participate in the creation of Chicklet TV.  They are also a part of our development team in the creation of out prevention programs.
This TV show empowers youth especially girls
to have high self-esteem.
​A series of TV vines created and produced by kids for kids.
Ages 7-12
ChickletTV. and The Chicklets create a TV show that entertains and educates.

For information on Conference Presentations or Programs email: Info@StreetChicks.net

​SMART GIRLS RULEis a youth prevention program, developed to help girls ages 8 to 11 identify character traits that strengthen their mental, emotional, and social regulation skills.

 This four-week program engages girls in dynamic experiential based activities to help them develop and reinforce their unique SMART Girl super-powers. This program began in April and is in it's first year of service delivery.

Smart Girls Rule has  been presented at the ALL GIRLS SUMMIT in Orlando FL.

Coming soon.... Be a Buddy not a Bully.

Marijuana​ Prevention Program. THC the main ingredient in the plant marijuana is extremely harmful to the growing adolescent brain. The scientific evidence is overwhelming to the permanent damage including IQ drops of up to 8 points.

The advertising of marijuana as a safe medicine contributes to the belief in adolescents that marijuana is not harmful.

 Street Chicks in Recovery Prevention Education has created a program  that educates our youth and clearly defines in a fun interactive way the boundaries between the botanical plant marijuana and the compounds in the plant used to make medicine and the harms to the adolescent brain and body.

This program is being measured and analyzed to be evaluated by The National Registry of Evidence Based Programs ( SAMHSA)
This program is currently being presented in the Lee County Schools Florida.